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How we can save with the help of Automation

Updated: Feb 25

Below are the benefits of the Smart Switch use:-

1) Time-saving. No need to go on every switchboard to on/off the light/fan/other equipment. It can be operated from any place in the world where the internet is available.

2) This smart device is very small in size as well as compatible with the old/regular switches. No more space required for installation or need to replace any existing fixture.

3) It will reduce electricity consumption with the help of a timer, which will automatically switch on or off the light on a pre-defined time.

4) It is compatible with Android as well as IOS devices. Status of Electric Light/equipment on or off can be monitor through the app.

5) All units installed on each circuit can be controlled from one combined control or separately. Any number of users can be connected with the device by authorized users.

6) This device works with multiple IoT projects and can be utilized with some other devices like temperature monitoring sensors and can control the temperature of any area with combined use.

7) If it is used with a light sensor then it can automatically switch on or off outside lights. Or such lights can be programmed for a fixed time period. It gives better control over all-electric fixtures, at such a cheap price.

8) If the network is down all-electric equipment can be operated from regular switch controls.

9) It can be controlled with voice through the help of Alexa or Google assistant. Its vast use makes it the best product in the field of Automation.

With the help of different kind of sensor we can reduce electricity consumption to a very high extent. These sensor are not costly as well as not complicated in use. 30% in electricity saving is very easil to achieve. Even we can save more then 50% in many cases.

Below are the case study based on the sensor use and its benefits.

In India cost of the sensor is very less so cost of the project will reduce much as compare the the cost considered in the below case study.

In the economics section of each kind of building you can see a huge saving in electricity , with the use of only one kind of sensor device. We can say with the automation we can save a huge amount in the electricity bill.

If you are interested in any such product or in complete automation call us for best pricing.

We can submit costing and saving comparison statement on special request.

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