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In eCommerce importance of Sort Center

Updated: Feb 25

eCommerce has a complex operational structure. Operational accuracy is the backbone of the complete business. For an e-commerce company, its operation team plays a very significant role and when it comes to the sort center operation, it becomes very important to have a good and extra intelligent operation team. In sort center, every activity needs to be plan very minutely and it should be clearly defined. Frequent training and continuous up-gradation of the system is the basic necessity. If the Sort Center works efficiently and accurately, we can say the entire supply chain of eCommerce is running perfectly.

To run the Sort Center efficiently we need to run all FC and Delivery stations perfectly. Productivity is the key to successful operations. It is very difficult to define the productivity of each activity in the Sort Center operation. Factors affecting productivity are as below.

1. Associates( Helper) working experience and knowledge of the entire process.

2. Training and SOP.

3. The mental level of every individual involved in the process. Some are good at counting and some are good at sorting.

4. Networking connectivity and equipment used in the work. It requires a dedicated lease line with a high speed of data transfer.

5. Deployment of the team. Here the role of the Team Leader plays a very important role.

6. Every activity needs to perform accurately to avoid repetition of the work.

7. Vehicle placement at the dock. Here perfect coordination required of dock clerk with Yard marshal.

8. The layout of the complete facility.

9. Staging after sorting. All packages need to be staged in the right place.

10. Safety and security also impact productivity. The safe environment gives a smooth workflow and a secure place saves time from the investigation of lost packages.

11. Manpower planning should be accurate considering all factors. Excess and short manpower both contribute to lower productivity.

12. The manager of Sort Center should have experience in all operational activities with deep understanding.

13. Need a dedicated team for problem resolution with a deep understanding of 5S and its importance.

14. The extent of automation used and system visibility related to the data of in & out packages.

In my next post, I will give my overview of the same subject.

Staging area with proper demarcation

Typical inside view of Small Sort Center capacity 25000 packages/Day

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